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Prepare for Flu Season with Immunizations in Elizabethtown, KY

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Jeff’s Prescription Shop has built a reputation of excellent service, personalized attention to our customers and exceptional value, for over 61 years. Our dedicated team of licensed pharmacists can meet your needs quickly, whether you’re looking for an over the counter medication, a prescription refill, or a personalized compound. Call us today or visit our shop in Hardin County!


Our compounding service offers expertly crafted, customized medications to fit your needs. If you’re having a hard time with the size, flavor, or method of ingestion with your medications, compounding is a service you’ll love. We also offer a full line of blood and saliva kits that can establish a hormonal baseline for you, and help your doctors and us create a therapeutic concoction that will work wonderfully with your body chemistry. Whether you need it for yourself, a loved one, even a pet, we’ll create a personalized compound you’ll be happy with.

complete pharmacy services

 Jeff’s Prescription Shop offers various medical products to meet any need. From over the counter medications and creams, to full prescriptions and compounds. We also offer a fine array of mobility assistance products, including surgical stockings, diabetic footwear, crutches, canes, walkers and more. Our staff of caring pharmacists is always available to answer your questions and offer up affordable products that will ease any ailment. 


Our Medi-planner service provides complete assistance with ever-changing prescription plans, therapies and delivery of medications. Through the plan, our expert pharmacists will offer quick and easy prescription transfers, updates to you on needed doctor visits before your prescription runs out, same day therapy changes, expedited delivery of medications to any location, and various billing options. When you need help managing a loved one’s medication regime, we’re here to help!

double drive-thru windows

At Jeff's, we have your convenience in mind. We specifically designed our Double Drive-Thru windows to accommodate multiple customers in a timely manner. Combined with our Pager Notification Services, we make Drop off and Pick Up much easier for you when you're in a hurry, or when the weather is bad! 


Our diabetic footwear can help prevent irritation, ulceration and other more dangerous problems. The shoes are constructed from soft leather and have extra padding to ensure comfort and relieve pressure points. Our multi-layered and customized shoes can be primarily covered by Medicare, contact us to learn more!

Medication therapy management

Jeff's Prescription Shop uses the latest software technology tools to assist our highly trained Pharmacists with Individual Consultations. We can carefully review a patients medication therapy and correct duplicate medications, inappropriate doses for specific therapies, suggest alternative medications to improve therapy results and/or lower the patients financial responsibility.

Jeff's Prescription Shop is a PCCA Certified Compounding Pharmacy

Jeff's Prescription Shop offering flu shots in Elizabethtown, KY

immunization services 

Jeff's offers flu vaccines, pneumonia vaccines, and shingles vaccinations without a prescription.  Other immunizations can be offered with a corresponding prescription.  Please stop by or call to find out more about our immunization services.  


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