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Medi Planner Services, Provided by Sara Voltz

Sarah Volz, Medi-Planner for Jeff's Prescription Shop, measuring out medications
Sarah Volz, Medi-Planner for Jeff's Prescription Shop, organizing medications
"I have many patients that use Jeff’s Prescription Shop’s medicine planner service. It is a wonderful service. Sara assures that each patient has the correct meds at the correct times. She can add medications on the same day it’s ordered, as well as take out meds the same day. I know that if I call Jeff’s with a medicine order, it will be done. I can’t say enough about how this service helps me with my homebound geriatric patients. Sara is another person helping my patients stay healthy. She will call me if she notices anything out of the ordinary in the home or with medications. This relationship is invaluable to my practice!"

- Angela Clater
"Sara Voltz is a true professional in the medi-planner service. Often times, she is here to replace empty planners before we even call her. Anytime there is a change in a residents medication, whether it's a weekday, weekend, day or night, she is willing to come in and make necessary changes.Whatever our needs are, Sara is always there for us and our residents.

Thanks Sarah for being so wonderful!"
- Sonja Vanderville
Life Guidance Program Specialist, Atria Senior Living

Medi-Planner Service

For $25 per month we provide:

Quick and easy prescription transfers from any pharmacy
Updates to let you know if MD appointment is needed for future refills
Four weeks of pre-packaged medication
All prescriptions are checked by pharmacist for drug interactions and duplications
All planners are checked for accuracy by a pharmacist
• Same day therapy change
• Delivery to assisted living and home if unable to pick up 
In-store charge account set up to be billed to patient or power of attorney on a monthly basis
We will automatically bill your credit or debit card monthly upon request
Printed med lists for patients and medical providers
We also do bubblepacks for those who prefer or need it “not recommended for those on Coumadin or have frequent med changes.
Call Sara Voltz today to set up your free consultation and begin receiving medi-planners as early as the next business day

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Two Medi-Planners for Jeff's Prescription Shop, organizing medications
Sarah Volz, Medi-Planner for Jeff's Prescription Shop standing outside of company truck
Medi-Planner for Jeff's Prescription Shop, organizing medications
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